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This page discusses Troupon’s features and guides to accessing them

Get the Owner’s Features, Claim Your Shop on Troupon

By claiming your shop, you will get more access and features.
You can add, delete, and edit code on your shop page.

Search your shop on our page

One Question, How Does It Work? gives owners access to manage their shops privately and independently.

The first thing you have to do is claim your shop on our page and verify that you are the shop owner.
How to claim the shop: Find your shop on our website, then press the claim button (next to the logo). Follow the instructions, and the system will check automatically. If it is successful, you can log in to get access to the shop.

You get the features: add, edit, and delete code.
Add Code: You can add code to your shop page without needing our verification.
Edit Code: You can fix or edit the incorrect codes to make them more attractive.
Delete Code:You can delete the code on our page.

* Note: Influencers are free to add code to your claimed page. If there are influencers who add spam codes, you have the right to delete them. It is a relation between you and the influencer, Troupon is only a medium for sharing code and is a provider for you.

56+ Influencers Have Registered on Troupon, and Are Actively Adding Codes

There are more than 56 influencers who have registered on, this number will continue to grow. Influencers are those who are not shop owners, but have codes on the shop. Influencers only have access to add, delete, and edit codes they enter.

Access Influencers Get

Influencers have more access than ordinary visitors. They can add code on our page, delete and edit the code.

The rules

Influencers can only add one code in one shop and do not have access to change codes that do not belong to them. Troupon has the right to edit or delete influencer codes, the same as the shop owners.

Influencers With the Best Achievements

By registering as an influencer at you will get many beneficial things, like increasing your income in case your code almost meets an end. Here we show you some of our successful influencers; wanna join them?

Submit Shop

Submit the shop is a useful feature to add your shop or the shop you are looking for to be on our page. This feature is open to the public, anyone can use it as long as they have an active email.

How Does It Work?

To be able to add a shop on our site, visit the page first, click the Fill Out The Form button, enter an email, and then ask for a verification code. After successfully entering the data, the team will review your request. If the shop you entered is appropriate, then our team will add it to our page.